John and Alex play laid-back acoustic, soulful sounds.
We're an acoustic duo - we play covers and some originals, mainly with a laid-back, soul/blues kind of feel.
We're just two voices, with a guitar & a uke (occasional harmonica) - no backing tracks. We give the songs our own touch of simple, rhythmic arrangements with plenty of harmonies.
We play bars, weddings, parties - indoors or outdoors. Just ask :)
What people have said about us:
"I saw you guys at C&B's wedding and wow you guys were amazing!"
"I wish I could have heard you play more, instead of being off having photos taken...but what I did hear we loved, and we have had several guests mention how much they enjoyed your music, so thank you for helping to make our day such a success."
"I heard you sing at the Ripponlea estate a few Sundays ago and would love it if you both could sing at our wedding ceremony"
"Alex sang John Legend's "All of Me" very beautifully and I was moved almost to tears."

About us

We (John and Alex) are a kick-ass father and daughter duo. We've enjoyed playing music together since ... well, how old is Alex now? Professionally, we've been playing since 2008 (in Queensland). We played regularly in Melbourne from 2012 - 2019, before moving to beautiful Maldon in the Victorian Central Goldfields.
Over that time, we've played at festivals, weddings, engagements, birthday parties, Christmas parties, wine bars, golf clubs, wineries. For six years, we were a fixture at Rippon Lea House and Garden's Summer Sessions; right up to when they ceased.
Most of the music we play is covers - although our repertoire of originals is growing. We arrange all the music we play to give it our own style - rich in harmonies. One of the great things about being related, is that our voices go together really well.


Why Arty-Rex?
Actually, it's short for "Artaeopteryx" (ah-tee-op-tuh-rix)! Got that?
Well it's a nerdy play on the fossil flying reptile Archaeopteryx: - Alex is the artistic (cool) one and John is the nerdy dinosaur (or cool ancient flying dinosaur, if you prefer).
All of John's nerdy scientist friends think Artaeopteryx is a great name but for everyone's a bit too much of a mouthful... just call us "Arty-Rex"! :)